It's taken since I started this business (back in 2018) to fully accept that Creatively Chosen will go through seasons

My work ethic has always been "full throttle." Regardless of where I was in my life, when I showed up to work, I worked and gave my best self. At a 9-5 for someone else, it felt professional and respectful to do this, but now that I own my own business, this feels naive and reckless.

When I came back from maternity leave in March of 2020, I was back in a rhythm, putting substantial amount of time and effort into the business, and brainstormed a very elaborate 2020 plan. Then God called my family to new things. It was impossible to put in the time I wanted or had planned for. It was also impossible to complete all - if any - of my ideas for 2020.

Humbled by my inability to do things my way, I turned to prayer. A friend sent some encouragement as I was struggling with the mindset that the business had to be all or nothing. She said it will be seasons because of the seasons of your own life and thats ok. I finally accepted that.

Right now, I'd consider myself in a "coasting season" where I am cruising on offering products that are already created, staying in communication with my email subscribers and occasionally adding a blog post. My to-do list and 2020 new product plan is on hold. Social media is on pause. It feels right, it works and ultimately it's what God wants and thats all I want.

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  • Sondra Broussard

    Hi Sweet Girl!
    His will be done! Sometimes it isn’t easy to make such drastic changes BUT …
    You can get through anything if you remember that God is guiding you – and that all of it is temporary. Each season, each day even, is only a small step on your journey.
    Let us know if you ever need anything!!
    Love you!

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