The story behind it all - in detail. 
I'm Morgan Cleary, a woman, pursuing life through the lens of an artist. The creativity in my heart has sparked wonder to look at the world around us and see the beauty in all its brokenness. Our Lord, Jesus, reveals His love to me more each day through the beauty He draws to my attention.
To share my heart with you brings to light the meaning behind Creatively Chosen. Without Him, I am nothing. When deciding what to brand this endeavor as, I did not have peace using just my name, "Morgan Cleary." It felt shallow because I had nothing to give on my own. I also did not have peace using just Creatively Chosen. It felt distant... as if I was using a pseudonym. It hit me after many days of pondering and bringing it to prayer that the two fused together captures what this endeavor is all about. I am doing the work through Him and He gives meaning to it all. He is the Creator and chooses each of us and He creatively chose me as He uniquely chooses each of you. 
Many people are searching and wondering through life, and it would be a disservice if I did not mention my reversion to Catholicism that took place during my time at LSU. Searching for love and happiness stems from the essence of who we are as human beings. It is good and it is necessary to search for these. What the world and many people in it do not tell you is where to search. In the heat of a break up, I spiraled into questioning everything. The results I found: if I do not understand who I am, made in His image and likeness, then I will never be able to answer any questions I have. I cannot begin to understand who I am unless I first understand Him. Even further, I cannot know who He is unless I ask. I sat many days in front of the tabernacle at Christ the King. Every chance I could get, I spent solitude with the Lord journaling. It built the strongest relationship that every human relationship I have stems from. My push for you, search Him out with all your heart. It starts with Him and it stems from Him. 
While I do not have a degree in art, I have enjoyed art my entire life. I obtained a degree in Interior Design at Louisiana State University. I worked in this industry during college and in Dallas upon graduating. My experience in this field taught me valuable life skills that I could not be more grateful for. I learned how to be a young professional in the workplace, how to adapt to an ever-changing industry and world, and to always have purpose behind work - there must be a why. Having learned many design skills that still continually help me, I am thankful for this great field of work.
In August 2016, a historic flood shook my hometown in Louisiana. I moved home from Dallas to assist in the repair process. Little did I know this move would embolden me to pursue this creative journey. I learned through managing a sector of my family's company the many business skills that a college could never teach. Through these raw, real life experiences, I discovered the entrepreneur in me. 
This brings us to today, November 1, 2018, where the entrepreneur and artist in me unite and launch Creatively Chosen by Morgan Cleary - an adventure seeking the love and beauty of God and sharing all of these expressions of that love and beauty through paintings, prints, cards, and other creative works. 

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