The Full of Grace Cafe at Our Lady of the Holy Rosary

The Full of Grace Cafe at Our Lady of the Holy Rosary

In South Louisiana, in a town named St. Amant, there is a beautiful parish, Our Lady of the Holy Rosary. My parents were married here and both sets of grandparents spent many Sundays in the pews. When I moved back to Louisiana, I began to attend this parish. Fr. Joshua Johnson is pastor here and many, many wonderful things have come from the Lord through him and the parishioners at Holy Rosary. One that I would like to touch on today is the Full of Grace Cafe : Quenching God's Thirst for Charity & Justice
Full of Grace Cafe is a cafe that does not just serve food. The rich and poor are able to come together in this space. Full of Grace provides free coffee, meals to the hungry, diapers and food pantry for those in need, gathering spaces to build community, a place for those traveling to the parish (religious or others) to stay at night, counseling services, legal advice, a place to meet with a Creighton FertilityCareTM Practioner, a hairstylist and more. How amazing is this space! It gives glory to God! A place where people who are in need can have their needs met! Read more on the details of Full of Grace here from the Catholic News Agency. Read about it from the Gonzales Weekly Citizen here.
When I think of this place, I think of how it encourages sanctification. Fr. Josh speaks often of sanctification and how important it is. We need to strive for it each day. In the Church, there are numerous portraits of saints on the wall as you exit. (You can read about that from the Catholic Commentator here.) Once you are outside, the closest building to the church is Full of Grace cafe. Here we are able to engage in community and work towards sainthood together. 
Through my association with Holy Rosary, I was able to paint a special piece for this cafe. I was reminded of the portrait wall of saints in the church and Revelations 21. Inspired by these two things, this piece came to be and hangs in the hallway of Full of Grace. What a special gift it is to be a part of this.

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    Love the painting. It reflects the purpose of full of Grace Cafe. A place to gather, meet new friends and discuss the church and what we can accomplish by joining together in thought and prayer. God is Awesome

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