The Halloween Collection

The Halloween Collection

Ideas for this collection felt endless. I was sparked to create something that was easily accessible, cost effective, and memorable for families and friends.



You don't want to get out with the kids? Let them get dressed up, drive around in the car and play 4 different games. Passenger seat gets to hand out extra candy for those who win!

You're trick or treating and going to multiple neighborhoods? Use these fun games as you neighborhood hop.

Staying in, but want to still do something for Halloween? Gather around the couch and have your own at home game night. 

Tip: For bingo, print out an extra bingo and cut up the different images, use these to pull the different items during the game.


For those special trick or treaters, you can create something a little extra. Attach these tags to your goodies. We're going to create special goodie bags for our sweet neighbors!



Need a quick little Halloween display? Print the sign and decals out to create a cheap, quick decorated area. The "out of candy" sign will come in handy for anyone who isn't giving out treats or who runs out.

October is special for us. We have multiple birthdays, so I always like to dedicate a little area to help their birthday month feel special.  Our display this year has a pumpkin with "Happy Birthday" calligraphed for each person and the bat and pumpkin cut outs.


Having a get together for Halloween?

- Use the Halloween Treats invitation to get everyone there. Email, text it or mail it. 

- Decorate your table or home (even your front door) with the art decals and signs. 

- Have everyone gather around for 4 different fun games! 

- Create trick or treat bags for everyone on their way out with the Halloween Tags. 




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