Collaboration & Community

Collaboration & Community

"Being a woman in business doesn’t come without challenges. My advice? Surround yourself with other supportive women that encourage you, share ideas, and get you motivated." -Jessica Alba, Founder of The Honest Company

Can we take a moment and appreciate collaboration and community, brainstorming off of one another and building each other up?

Community and staying in contact with others is vital. There is something special and unique when thoughts are spoken aloud and the person listening absorbs and then helps elaborate on your thought with you. We feel heard, but also accompanied. Often, I’ve had conversations with close friends where I’ve shared an initial idea and because they listened and cared about what I do, they helped flesh the idea into something much greater. These close friendships have literally helped creative ideas come to life!

I’ve personally benefited so much from good conversation with good friends. Over the years, I’ve pushed myself to seek these people out and keep them close.

I encourage everyone to dedicate time for good collaboration and community whether that is spiritual growth with holy friends, business growth with fellow business owners, comradery with close friends and so on… don’t let fear or laziness stand in the way of being a better version of yourself through community and collaboration!

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