Walking into 2019

Walking into 2019

Notice the titles says walking, not running.
A lesson I am taking with me into 2019 is to walk, not run. A lesson I was taught as a child, but one that I need as an adult. It's scary how quickly time passes, and its even scarier to wake up down the road and realize that.
My husband and I had the gift of spending New Year's Eve with some good friends, but we also had the gift of entering into the New Year with midnight Mass celebrating the Solemnity of the Motherhood of God at the Missionaries of Charity. Afterwards there were fireworks, smiles, good conversations, and a lot of joy. The pace was slow, the people were present, and the sky was filled with celebratory lights as fireworks cracked and popped. The peace that existed in that moment was grand.
Photo : Albert Blount Photography
As I awoke on New Year's Day, I still had the peace that came from that night. I wanted to remain in it - not just that moment nor that day, but as much as possible. There was so much peace that my heart was still and my mind was clear - still and clear so much that I was truly present during the day with Michael, normal duties, recreational activities and most of all our Lord.
Each day that I ran too quickly I missed many things. I overlooked people, misheard conversations, skipped deep prayer, turned my face to a person in need, and so on. Looking back on those moments, my heart hurts that I was not loving. There were times my days were filled with many responsibilities where I began to pick up my daily pace leading me to running instead of walking. Through the running, I lost sight of Him and the openness to allow Him to work through me in each moment.
My reflection on entering into 2019 is to walk and not run... to take each day step by step... to live in the peace that comes from Him in each moment of each day.
Photo : Albert Blount Photography
I am looking forward to continuing to build Creatively Chosen one step at a time and being present in every painting, project, conversation and opportunity.
Happy New Year, friends!

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  • Michael

    I would like to walk into every year with you

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