In Need of Inspiration?

In Need of Inspiration?

Where do you go for it? The question that could have so many different answers…!!

My first action: when I feel lost with inspiration, I take a deep breath and step back. I usually spend some time away from the project or idea that seems to have a dead end. It helps me to break free of the racing thoughts of “what ifs” and lies.

My second action: go on a walk. Experts say going on a walk does wonders for the imagination. From experience, walks have always sparked inspiration in me. Much of Creatively Chosen’s development came from countless walks from my time spent in Dallas years ago. Brainstorming feels easy when strolling through a neighborhood or park and taking in the fresh air.

My third action: browse other people’s work who inspires me. This can be difficult (falling into comparison is super easy). However, people who have natural talent and who are authentically using their gifts inspire me to be “me.” I appreciate how they see beauty, how they create, and how they are sharing all of it with others.

I’m always looking for other ways to recharge and be inspired. I would love to hear from you how you are inspired! Feel free to comment below.

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