To the Heights Painting Collection

To the Heights consist of 6 paintings inspired by Blessed Pier Giorgio Frassati.
Blessed Pier Giorgio Frassati, the patron for young adult Catholics and one of the patrons of World Youth Day, saw many parallels between Catholic life and his favorite pastime, mountain-climbing. He would regularly organize trips into the mountains with his close friends with occasions for prayer, liturgies, and conversations about faith on the way up to or down from the summit" (USCCB).
The name, "To the Heights," came from a photo of Pier's where he wrote these words himself on the back of it. The photo was taken by a fellow climber on June 7, 1925. Pier Giorgio's sudden death one month later meant that this was his last climb.  This saying was never his personal motto, but became representative of Pier's earthly life which was a constant strive to reach the summit of eternal life (FrassatiUSA).
Pier died at the age of 24 and even on his death bed was scribbling on a paper for a friend to take medicine to a poor sick man he had been visiting. At Pier's funeral, thousands of the poor showed up and filled the streets. With his family stunned and many people in awe, I can only imagine that his life was filled with a love that goes beyond this world - a true sacrificial love.

On May 20, 1990, in St. Peter’s Square which was filled with thousands of people, the Pope beatified Pier Giorgio Frassati, calling him the “Man of the Eight Beatitudes” (FrassatiUSA).


Through painting these pieces, I was reminded by Pier's life and his desire to always serve, especially the poor. Reverencing his servant heart and love for the poor, I have marked down these paintings from Creatively Chosen's normal pricing.

Enjoy browsing and purchasing if you see a piece that catches your eye!

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